Wayne State University: The Top Ten Colleges that Promote Jew Hatred and Incite Terrorism

Wayne State University, the alma mater of notorious freshman congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, has only very recently begin to attract attention for promoting Jew hatred on campus. The attention the university is now receiving for promoting anti-Semitism is well-deserved. Leading members of Wayne State’s chapter of the Hamas-linked organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) have repeatedly taken to social media to curse the Jews in both English and Arabic, and to promote anti-Semitic caricatures and Zionist conspiracy theories about the Jews controlling the media.

Wayne State SJP holds an annual “Israeli Apartheid” hate week on campus to spread Hamas propaganda and attempt to draw parallels between Israel and Nazi Germany, a classic form of anti-Semitism. The chapter has also praised numerous terrorist leaders including Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) member Leila Khaled, who helped orchestrate several airline hijackings.  Wayne State SJP has also provided a platform for numerous campus speakers who promoted the Hamas-funded Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, an insidious attempt to weaken and destroy the Jewish state.


Instances of Jew Hatred:

Wayne State University’s chapter of the Hamas-linked hate group Students for Justice in Palestine hosts an annual “Israeli Apartheid Week” intended to demonize and delegitimize Israel. During the 2017 iteration of this hate week, SJP members posed in front of their “mock apartheid” wall which featured a quote often attributed to Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels stating “If you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.” The word “truth” is then crossed out and replaced by “politics” which is also crossed out and finally replaced with the word “Israel.”  The word “Israel” is depicted as having red blood droplets dripping from it, a form of blood libel, a classic form of anti-Semitism. The wall also promoted the Hamas-funded BDS movement against Israel, a genocidal campaign to weaken and destroy the Jewish state.

The official Facebook page for Wayne State SJP demonizes and delegitimizes Israel and calls for the Arab “right of return” which would eliminate Israel as a Jewish state. The page reads, “Students for Justice… is committed to ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Separation Wall… It calls for respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194.”

Wayne State SJP has repeatedly commemorated Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat on the anniversary of his death.  One post in 2017 included a quote from Arafat intended to delegitimize and threaten Israel which stated “The victory march will continue until the Palestinian flag flies in Jerusalem and in all of Palestine.”

WSU SJP has also posted images of artwork honoring terrorist Leila Khaled, a member of the terrorist organization the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who helped orchestrate multiple airline hijackings.  

In February 2017, Wayne State SJP hosted the event “Resisting Trump's Foreign Policy” with speaker Phyllis Bennis. During her address, Bennis delegitimized Israel and promoted the Hamas-funded BDS movement against Israel. She also expressed support for eliminating Israel as a Jewish state, saying “...then you wouldn’t have Israel as a Jewish state. Yeah. Right. Why is that such a weird idea?"

In November 2016, WSU SJP used social media to promote the cause of convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh who was later convicted of immigration fraud when attempting to gain U.S. citizenship.

Wayne State SJP has repeatedly delegitimized Israel by denying outright that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state. In October 2016, SJP tweeted a picture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the caption “Victory of Palestine against Israel: Jerusalem Holy Site Declared Muslim, Not Jewish, in United Nations Resolution.” After President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocated the U.S. embassy there, WSU SJP shared a video on Facebook featuring Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claiming that  “Jerusalem is a city that is Palestinian, Arab, Christian, Islamic and the eternal capital of Palestine.“

A March 2018 investigation into Wayne State SJP launched by the Canary Mission, an organization which exposes hatred and anti-Semitism, found that 13 officers and activists associated with the organization expressed hatred against Jews and Israel on social media. These expressions of hate consisted of cursing Jews in both English and Arabic, praising terrorism, and drawing parallels between Israel and Nazi Germany.

Summer Baraka, the founder and former president of WSU SJP posted on twitter in Arabic, “May Allah curse the Jews, and that’s all.”  She also tweeted, in Arabic, “we want a revolution that protects our nation and erases Israel.”

Sherin Shkoukani, a WSU SJP officer, tweeted many anti-Semitic comments including “I’m about to fuck this big nose mother fucking Jew in second if she keeps talking” and “once a Jew always a jew [laughing emojis] aka once a dumbass fuck always a dumbass fuck.”

Former WSU SJP President Mayssa Masri turned to social media to express anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. “We need to open our eyes to who controls the media. We need to open our eyes to #WhiteSupremacy and #Zionism” she tweeted. She also tweeted “There are more Jewish terrorists in the U.S than Muslims. Have you ever seen a headline that read ‘Jewish terrorist’? EVER?”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wayne State University is the alma mater of notoriously anti-Semitic freshman congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib has promoted the Hamas-funded and genocidal BDS movement against Israel, stating  “I personally support the BDS movement,” and defended Ahed Tamimi, a 17-year-old Palestinian girl who assaulted an IDF soldier and voiced her view that  “everyone must” attack Israeli Jews by means of “stabbings, martyrdom-seeking operations [i.e. suicide bombings], throwing stones.” When Tamimi was then imprisoned by Israeli authorities, Tlaib wrote that it was “Absolutely inhumane to target a young girl for fighting against racist policies,” without mentioning Tamimi’s exhortations to violence and terrorism.