Eight Non-Jewish UCLA Student Council Members Pass Resolution Absolving SJP of Anti-Semitism

The lone Jewish member of the council dissented in an 8-to-1 vote

The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association passed a resolution on Tuesday asserting that the campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is not anti-Semitic and condemning the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s newest report, “An Epidemic of Jew Hatred on Campus: the Top Ten Neo-Nazi Incidents” which was distributed in newspaper form on the UCLA campus on April 30.

USAC passed the resolution with a vote of 8-1. All 8 members of the student council who voted for the resolution are not Jewish. The sole dissenting vote came from its lone Jewish representative, Tara Steinmetz.

“Just last week, we had a Jewish student berated by a professor who declared Zionism is white supremacy, and the student was left in tears,” Steinmetz said before the vote was cast. “To ignore how anti-Zionism can cross into antisemitism is problematic.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper who is Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center called the resolution an “insult to the Jewish community.”  He posited that the reaction would be very different “if eight white students at UCLA passed a resolution defining ‘racism’ without input from African American or Latino students.”

David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, sent a response to the UCLA Daily Bruin which he asked that paper to print in the interests of fairness.  

“UCLA’s Students for Justice in Palestine is a political arm of the terrorist organization Hamas, whose goal is the genocide of the Jews and the destruction of the Jewish state. Not a single sentence or phrase in the UCLA resolution addresses the evidence we have published and sourced that SJP is funded by Hamas through its front organization American Muslims for Palestine,” Horowitz stated.

He continued, “AMP is headed by the notorious anti-Semite and jihad supporter, UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, who is the co-founder of SJP. AMP’s board, as Jonathan Schanzer has shown in congressional testimony, is run by former leaders of the Holy Land Foundation which was successfully prosecuted by the US government for funding Hamas. SJP is the chief campus sponsor of BDS - a Hamas orchestrated campaign to strangle the Jewish state. Everything SJP does is designed to spread the Hamas lies that Israel is an apartheid state which illegally occupies so-called Palestinian land. The UCLA resolution is a disgraceful collection of smears designed to provide a smokescreen which will deflect attention away from these undeniable facts, which obviously SJP and its political supporters can’t begin to refute.”

A longer response from the report’s author Sara Dogan refuting the resolution’s specific claims was published at Frontpagemag.com.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center, founded in 1988, is a not-for-profit organization located in Sherman Oaks, California. The Center’s mission is to defend free societies like America and Israel, which are under attack by totalitarians both religious and secular, domestic and foreign.

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